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Quintessential's music has three main threads all of which make up the musical fabric of our band.

Classic Jazz - We are a jazz band, and we like to play the many wonderful classic jazz standards that have stood the test of time.  Our classic jazz repertoire ranges from  Duke Ellington to Miles Davis to Jobim and everything in between.  We love to add a bit of a twist to the classic jazz sound, often (but not always) adding the Fender Rhodes keyboard sound along with electric bass.

Originals - We enjoy playing our own jazz compositions, in fact we are currently working on a new album of all originals.  Each member of the band has contributed jazz tunes that reflect their own musical voice and influences.  We are thrilled that some of our originals have received radio play.  

Modern Jazz - The jazz movement from the 1970's through to today has evolved a widened, with a great range of modern jazz that reflects influences of pop, rock, soul, R & B, funk and even gospel.  We have some great modern tunes in our playlist that range from funk to smooth jazz.  

The albums we have recorded reflect all of these threads.  Click here to see our albums for sale.  


We are happy to offer a free download of one of our originals or other songs for which we have distribution rights.