Over the past number of years we have been blessed to work with many great drummers.  Our founding drummer moved to Montreal in 2011, and to be honest it left us is a bit of a pickle.  But through networking and musical friendships we had the good fortune to work with a number of different drummers who really fit in well.  But none of them were available to join the band permanently.  Two years ago we met Tyler, who has joined the band.  And it has been so much fun to develop a great musical  and friendship chemistry with him.  There is something to be said for playing with the same people regularly!  

Three interesting recent gigs 

Over the past ten days we have enjoyed three very different and interesting gigs.  On Thursday November 6th we were honored to be the stage trio for the Giller Award Between the Pages event at The Centre in Vancouver.  Doing a trio gig in an 1800 seat theatre was pretty cool and unique - not the normal venue for a jazz trio to play. We played for the audience as they came in to the theatre and we also did the "play ons" for each of the celebrities and authors as they were introduced.  It was a really fun and interesting gig.

A week later we played for the Mission Possible Gala at the Fairmont - Hotel Vancouver.  This was a huge gala to raise funds for Mission Possible, a not for profit group that does amazing work helping needy folks living in Vancouver's downtown east side.  The gig was not only special because of the great cause, it was also really fun for us because in addition to playing our own jazz, we were asked to be the backup band for the amazing Amanda Wood.  She is a well known Vancouver vocalist with an impressive resume in theatre and recording.  She was great to work with.  It felt pretty cool for us to know that we were part of an event that raised over $230,000 in one evening to help people.  

The last gig we did was much more familiar territory for us, another trio gig sponsored by Envision Financial as part of their coffee house series of concerts.  This one was promoted by the Abbotsford Arts Council and held at the Sipp Chai Cafe.   The Sipp Chai is a cool joint with a great vibe - western and eastern fusion of teas, coffees, and decor.  This gig is the kind we are most used to, a small intimate event close up and personal with the audience.  It was really fun, and the place was packed.  

No two gigs are the same, and sometimes they are really different from one another, as was the case for us in the past week and a bit.  And we always love playing for people in all kinds of places.  

Envision Concert Series 

We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as artists in the Envision Financial Concert and Coffee House series.  We are grateful to Envision for their support of the arts and artists here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  We will keep you posted about our show dates once they are confirmed.  

Top 50 jazz tunes #50 - Watermelon Man 

So this is it, our last pick of an eclectic list of jazz tunes we enjoy.  It has been fun selecting a tune each week.  This week's pick is another great Herbie Hancock tune - Watermelon Man.   The song came from his childhood memory of hearing Watermelon street vendors.  

Top 50 jazz tunes #48 - All For Miles  

This tune is a Quintessential original inspired by a little guy named Miles.  The song is an attempt to explain how he interacted as the only child in a roomful of adults - cautious at first and more outgoing as he started to work the room with his smile.  We are happy to say that is tune was featured on the long standing CBC Jazz program Hot Air.  We are making it available as a free download this month.  Hope you like it!

  1. All For Miles

Top 50 jazz tunes #46 - Auld Lang Syne 

What better way to welcome the New Year in than with a cool jazz version of a traditional New Years tune - Auld Lang Syne.  The song is taken from a Robbie Burns poem and the title loosely means "for old times sake."   The band is Fourplay and the arrangement has a nice funky backbeat and bassline with a tasty organ filling it in. Happy New Year everyone from Quintessential!  

Top 50 jazz tunes #45 - Away in a Manger  

This week's pick is one of our own recordings.  Doug, our guitar player created a beautiful haunting arrangement of this song.   When we play our Christmas jazz shows, this tune is one that gets alot of attention.  It sells our Christmas CD all by itself.  As our Christmas gift to you all, it is available as a free download.  (see below)  Hope you like it as much as we do! 

A very merry Christmas to you all from Quintessential 
  1. Away in a Manger

Top 50 jazz tunes #44 - Christmas Time is Here 

Hands down one of our favorite Christmas tunes is the timeless classic "Christmas Time is Here" by Vince Guaraldi as make famous in Charlie Brown's Christmas.  The rest of Vince's music in that production is wonderful as well.  We are looking forward to playing this one at our Annual Christmas jazz show this Friday.